Keens Furniture Loft

full of Architectural Splendor and Artistic Panache

About Keens Furniture Loft

In April 2012 we moved to our new location in a beautiful restored vintage brewery in Columbus, Ohio with 8300 square feet of space - a fitting backdrop for our spectacular inventory. We have a talented and gifted team of artisans working full-time in our on-site workshop; not only do we specialize in restoring vintage and antique furniture, we also make special order pieces for our clients.

Our product range covers living room, dining room, and  bedroom furniture as well as area rugs, lighting, and decorative accents.

In 2012, Donna decided to take the plunge.  She said good-bye to the corporate world and did what
many people only dream of doing.

Affordable Customization

At Keens Furniture Loft  home evokes nostalgia. It harkens back to a former era when furnishings were made by local craftsmen, carpenters – or even fashioned by hand by a homeowner. Each piece was unique – designed for a particular home and location. But in today’s era of mass production, custom designed and hand crafted furnishings have all but gone by the wayside – replaced by look-alike furnishings often made in off-shore factories.  What’s more, the cost of custom-made furniture has become prohibitive for all but the very few. 

There had to be a better way!  As our business evolved, we began to see that there was an alternative to mass produced furnishings and look-alike interiors.  We call it ‘affordable customization.’   Here’s how it works.

As we scoured the market for antique and vintage furnishings, we find furniture that can be refinished, painted or faux painted to fit your interior.
Looking for a diningroom table but its not the right color, no problem, you can pick your stain, paint or faux finish.  The finishes are unlimited!

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